Web Site: Genamics JournalSeek

February 5, 2010

Ever come across journal title abbreviations or even worse, just the ISSN number and you couldn’t work out what the journal was?  Well now you can by searching Genamics JournalSeek!

This free version is produced by OCLC New Jersey and currently contains (as of 1/28/2010):

95419 Full Titles
51223 Abbreviated Titles
95419 ISSNs
9075 eISSNs
28825 Journals with Home page links
16486 Journals with Article Linking Definitions
38015 Categorised Journals
31198 Journals with Descriptions

This is a very easy and fast ISSN journal abbreviation database. It doesn’t have articles or citations, but for those partial cites you might stumble on — this is great!


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