“Fat Men Riding Hippos”

March 4, 2009

internetarchiveThe Internet Archive is fast becoming one of my favorite stops for open source material. Where else can you find the keyword tag “Fat Men Riding Hippos“? Seriously, the moving image archive is 150,000+, the Live Music Concert archive is over 58,000 entries (including a Grateful Dead collection), and the Audio Archive is past the 300,000 mark.

You can now get can get audiobooks through the Audio Archive like those supplied by librivoxLibriVox (“acoustical liberation of books in the public domain”). It provides free audiobooks from the public domain. These are not commercially produced audiobooks rather the chapters are read by volunteers. This means you could end up with several readers for one book. Also, don’t expect to find the current bestsellers here, but you can find lots of 19th century authors like Austen and Gaskell, or early 20th century authors like Fitzgerald (LibriVox is currently working on getting “Benjamin Button” up)


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