Quick Links for Early Radio Broadcasts

September 23, 2008

Need to find an historic radio broadcast quick?  Here are some great sites.

Check out Internet Archive! This online library contains many oldtime radio serials and other radio programs.

The Radio Days website also includes episodes from serials like Terry and the Pirates and the full Herb Morrison broadcast of the Hindenburg Disaster of 1937.

RadioLovers.com includes serial shows but also music and variety shows among others. One drawback is it does not include information about the shows.

Need commercials? Then go to Old Radio Commercials. Listen to radio commercials from the 1920s to the 1950s on cigarettes, cereal, and toothpaste. They also include a link to radio shows that have a little more information about the show.

For Presidential material go to UCSB’s The American Presidency Project. It includes an audio/video archive with some things appearing, like the Fireside Chats, as transcripts only.

Auburn’s Libraries have a small collection of sound recordings in mp3 format distributed by the Authentic History Center. They are located in the DRL and can be checked.

Many of these can be saved to your desktop directly from the website. For those of you who like Firefox load the Video DownloadHelper plug-in. It lets you download embedded audio and video from lots of sites like YouTube or Internet Archive.


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