Neat Links and Other Things

September 21, 2008

If you hadn’t noticed, the look of the CMJN Library Stuff blog has been changed and some new content added. The Neat Links column (located on the right) is based on a feed of Delicious tagged web pages chosen specifically for Auburn University Library users. Neat Links will take you to all the web pages tagged by AULibraries, or if you wish, you can see all  AULibraries items on Delicious tagged with communication. The eight most recently tagged links show up on the Blog and clicking on one of those will take you directly to the website. Two of my favorite links currently showing  are Sequential Tart: A Comics Industry Web Zine, where I’m currently reading part 2 of the article by Margaret O’Connell called “Comics for Grown-Up Women“; and Communication theories where you can find overviews of general communication theories provided by The University of Twente.

Also added is the feed to the ICPSR Announcements. ICPSR stands for Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research and it archives data. If you check the New Data Releases links, you’ll find that ICPSR maintains the datasets for the opinion polls from such organizations as CBS News, ABC News and the New York Times.


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