My Libraries Tab via AUAccess

August 26, 2008

The Libraries tab is now available via AUAccess and has seven default channels:

Ask A Librarian
Library Hours
AUBIECat Quick Search
What’s New

More Library channels are available to add to the page by using the following steps:

[1] Click “Content/Layout” link at the top left corner of the AUAccess page
[2] Click the ‘Libraries’ tab
[3] Click the “Add Channel” button on any column
[4] Under Select a category, click the down arrow and choose “Select All”
[5] Click “Go”
[6] Under Select a channel, scroll down to AULibraries
[7] Choose an additional channel(s):
How Do I…
Library Hours: LADC
Library Hours: Special Collections
Library Hours: VetMed
[8] Click “Add Channel” button
[9] Click “back to Libraries Tab” link in the top left corner of the AUAccess page

More channels are being developed; if you have an idea for a library channel please let me know.


One comment

  1. […] couple of weeks ago I talked about the MyLibraries Tab on AUAccess. Well there is now a Communications channel that you can […]

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