AubieCat Update

August 7, 2008

Here are two items that you need to know about AubieCat, the AU Libraries’ catalog.

Multiple Journal Records

You now have to look at more than one record to check what we have for a journal title. This happened because of the sheer number of electronic versions of journals caused us to automate the process as much as possible.  In the search for Journalism Quarterly you will see two records — one is for our print holdings and one is for our electronic holdings — the records are the same except for one says [electronic resource] and one says [print]. Check both records if you don’t find what you need in one. Use Ask a Librarian if you have any problems locating your article.

Session Timeout

Have you ever been working in the catalog, got distracted doing something else and then had to start over because it timed out on you?

Well, there is a reason for that, there is a new session time limit created everytime you click on a link or press search within the catalog.

Well, now you can have some warning. In Firefox the session countdown clock is located in the blue bar at the very top of the browser. With Internet Explorer 7, it is located on the tab.

The clock counts down and then issues you a warning in a pop-up box. At this point you can click on a link on the search screen within the catalog to continue your current search, choose one of the options located in the warning box or ignore the warning.

If you do nothing, the clock continues to count down until you get the time expired notice.


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