Is it “Cuiler” than Google?

July 28, 2008

There’s a new search engine in town that claims to search over 120 billion webpages and it’s Cuil (pronounced cool). Try it out.

The results come back clean and in 2 or 3 columns. So far I’ve seen no advertising and Wikipedia articles did not float to the top. The category links are nice but sometimes give you strange results. Also, I’ve gotten no hits found for “Auburn University Libraries” but hits with “Auburn University AND Libraries”.

UPDATE (7/31/08): Just been back in and “Auburn University Libraries” is working as a search. Again, there are some strange results. Like: why is a picture of The 2004 Mascot Challenge paired with information about the library and why is the Russell group (UK institutions) number two in the categories list. Here’s a search on “Stem Cells“. I think you’ll be pleased with the results list.


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