Stumbling Over Websites: Scripts & Screen

June 24, 2008

I’ve gotten two reference questions recently on related topics — television shows and screenplays — so I thought I would give you some places to check out. These are, as far as I am aware, legitimate sites. If you have a favorite site that you use (especially for scripts), please leave a comment. If I get enough sites, I will pull the section for the television streaming video from the Communication Subject Guide and create a separate page.


We have a small selection of screenplays in our catalog that you can look at by doing a subject search on the not so intuitive phrase motion picture plays.

The Daily Script

Includes both television and movie scripts… Includes links for more script sites.

The Internet Movie Script Database:

Has a small selection of television scripts, but it does categorize the movie scripts into genres. An To find the script you have to scroll past the advertisements to the bottom where it says “Read <title> script”


Strictly screenplays, no television scripts.


Includes television, radio, unproduced, treatments and movie scripts among other categories. Be sure to use the search box on the left and change the radial button to SimplyScripts.


I am not going to spend much space on video sharing sites, like YouTube, as you probably know more about that than I, but if you want a huge list to troll through go to I Like Sharing Videos.

Television Shows: Streaming Video

A great directory site if you are just browsing is the metasite Television Shows in Yahoo.

Current Network Shows:

ABC.com Full Episode Player

CBS.com InnerTube

NBC.com Direct


Older and Classic Shows:

In2TV AOL Television

The Internet Archive

Classic Television



There are not a lot of legitimate sites were you can get current streaming video of movies for free. There are the commercial sites like ITunes and Unbox were you can rent or purchase movies and television shows. For older, out of copyright, movies, commercials or television shows there are several places you can go.

America at Work, America at Leisure Motion Pictures from 1894-1915

Library of Congress’ collection of motion pictures covering work, school, and leisure activities in the United States from 1894 to 1915. Additionally there are more collections, some with online content, available through their Motion Picture & Television Reading Room website.

The Internet Archive

Moving Images

Animation & Cartoons



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