Three Plug-ins and a Scheduler

June 13, 2008

The Three Plug-ins…

Add to Search Bar

Lots of you have probably used Firefox Add-ons page to look for extensions which allow you to search your favorite pages without being on the page. Sometimes you find them — sometimes you don’t. The “Add to Search Bar” extension lets you right mouse click within a search box and create one on the fly. The first one I created was for the Firefox Add-ons page, and the second was for the seach engine at TVShowsonDVD.com.


Screengrab lets you copy or save a whole webpage, or just select a portion of the page, and turns it into an image. Many of the images that I use to customize library CMJN guides I create using Screengrab.

Adblock Plus

It doesn’t stop them all, but it does stop the majority.

…and a Scheduler


Have you ever tried to schedule a meeting with more than one person through e-mail? It is frustrating. Once you register, Doodle lets you create a poll or event, invite participants and track their responses. It’s editable and exportable.


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